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A spoiler-friendly Fruits Basket community!

Fruits Basket Spoiler Lala Land
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This community is for the manga, Fruits Basket. Except, there is a catch. This community in particular is a spoiler zone. As in, members can talk about the latest Fruits Basket spoilers freely. Thus, this community will probably have a lot of focus on the later chapters, while fruits_basket is more of a Fruits Basket community in general. This community is in no way trying to steal members from the original Fruits Basket community. It is just a place where those who are more caught up with the latest chapters can come and discuss them, without having to use LJ cuts all of the time or worry about spoiling someone who does not wish to be spoiled.

Rules and Notes
1. If you are not caught up on a lot of the latest Fruits Basket spoilers and information, it is recommended that you stray away from this community, unless you want to lurk and spoil yourself. Questions about spoilers are welcome, but if you know practically nothing about new Fruits Basket information in general, please try lurking instead of asking a million questions. However, you definitely do not have to know everything. ^^
2. Please be nice. Friendly debating is acceptable, however, name-calling and harassing is not.
3. If you are posting a lot of images, or large image(s), please put them behind a LJ cut.
4. Since there are some Fruits Basket moments (especially in the later chapters) that contain adult-material, this community will not be hindered with an extremely strict censoring rule. However, please try to make posts about those subjects not too..detailed about certain acts. If you are posting fanfiction or images that contain adult material, such as gore or sexual situations, please post a rating and warning of such, and then post the content behind a LJ cut.
5. No spam. Please stay on-topic. You can advertise other Fruits Basket communities, websites, RPG's, etc. but nothing else. (But if it is anti-spoiler, than it would obviously not be a good idea to advertise it here.)
6. More rules will be posted as I think of them. Thank you, and have fun!
..And yes, I am aware that I said "however" too many times.

Main mod and creator: sleepdebtfairy
Please do not hesitate to contact the mod for any questions, comments, or complaints.

I will probably be looking for more mods later.

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If you want me to put your Fruits Basket community here, just ask. ^_^


The wallpaper for the community features Shigure Sohma and was made by sleepdebtfairy, with an image obtained from Suba Furuba.