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Hello! I don’t know what’s taken me so long to look up Furuba LJ comms!! I’m so glad to find so many. Words cannot express my love for these characters. *hugs FB fandom*

Kay, I shall happily lurk for awhile. Just wanted to say hi. I bring my Fruits Basket fanmix as a hello offering (though I havn’t been able to listen to it since reading the last volume, because it makes me cry):

The Middle ~ Jimmy Eat World
Beautiful ~ Christina Aguliera
The Animal Song ~ Savage Garden
Labyrinthine Heart ~ Sleepthief
The Grace ~ Neverending White Lights
If Everyone Cared ~ Nickelback
This Is To Mother You ~ Sinead O’Connor
All I Need ~ Matchbox 20
Tree Hugger ~ Kimya Dawson
Believe ~ K’s Choice
Hanging by a Moment ~ Lifehouse
Walking After You ~ Foo Fighters
Vindicated ~ Dashboard Confessional
Take A Picture ~ Filter
Naked As We Came ~ Iron&Wine
Because You’re Beautiful ~ Toni Childs
Little Wonders ~ Rob Thomas

I see angels
I see devils in me too
And yes I am angry
and frustrated too
Im no different, no different than you
And I've been hurt
And wounded
And yes, I've been abused
Now I can see you
Holding out your hand
Hoping that someone will finally understand
That you're beautiful
Yes you're beautiful
~Toni Childs
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