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Do you miss it?

Do you miss the fevered discussions every time a new chapter came out? Just because the series is over in Japan doesn't mean the discussions have to end!

If you miss discussing the story and characters of Fruits Basket, then come join the chapter discussions at the Random Fandom forums (registration is free and easy). This week we're on Chapter 74: Momiji’s violin blues. Here’s a teaser; follow the fake cut to read more!

Chapter 74: In which Tohru sneaks in to the Sohma estate in the name of love

What do you think about Arisa giving up on Kureno? Do you think she’s being honest about her feelings in this chapter? Do you think she really feels certain that Kureno Sohma is not the man she’s looking for, or does she just say that to keep from getting Tohru's--or her own--hopes up?

It’s interesting to see Tohru struggle with gathering up her courage to act in this chapter. She’s afraid to ring the bell, then afraid of trespassing on Sohma property, and then she seems reluctant to tell Momiji her real reason for coming until she sees his reaction to Momo’s message. What do you think of her actions? Do you find it surprising that she went so far as to sneak in to the Sohma estate to confirm Kureno’s identity?

(Read more and discuss!)

Also, previous threads are always open for continued discussion, so if we’ve already passed by your favorite chapter, feel free to go back and add your ¥50. The main threads, like the one linked above, are SPOILER FREE, but each thread has a spoiler-friendly counterpart for the spoiler-lovers. Here's a sampling of some questions from the spoiler-friendly threads:

Chapter 65: In this chapter we see both Yuki and Kyou reaffirm their desire to protect Tohru (and her desire to protect them.) But I think Momiji decided that in this chapter too. Do you think that these two chapters, 64 & 65, is where Momiji stopped seeing Tohru as a replacement mother figure and started thinking of her romantically?

Chapter 68: The curse seems to have broken largely because the unloved Cat was finally loved. Where does Kagura’s love come into this? (Or Shishou’s? Or even Kyoko’s?) Why do you think that, when it came to breaking the curse, her/their love didn’t count, or at least wasn’t enough to break it fully?

Chapter 71: What do you think is Shigure's plan for Tohru, at this point? How much do you think he could "foretell" of the future? I doubt that he knew things would progress this way that first day that Tohru stumbled into his house; it seems more to me like he took a gamble and things just started to unfold from there. If he is constructing the plan as he goes, I wish we could have a better clue to pinpoint when, exactly, he began to be hopeful that the curse would actually break. What do you think?

I hope some of you will join in and share your thoughts on these and other questions.

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