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Chapter 128

Hello everyone!

I've been lurking and tried to stay away from spoilers, but v. 19 was posted and I couldn't wait to find out what happened after ch.114. Anyway, I found chapter summaries up to ch. 128.

Anyone else read the summary?

Under the lj-cut are my reactions to the chapter with some spoilers.

It's a total cliffhanger. Not only is there no question about Kyo's feelings about Tohru, but he also seems pretty determined to let Tohru know how he feels. I love Kyo's last line in the chapter, "It kills me. . . how much I want her to be mine." He says this as he's running after her.

The next chapter won't be released until July 5th! BAH. I hope there's a sloppy KyoxTohru make out scene in the next chapter. heh.

I assume people here know where to get the summaries for current furuba chapters. I didn't want to post the link b/c I wasn't sure if linking other sites was OK. (Even though there's no mention of it in the rules, I didn't want to overstep any unsaid rules or anything.)
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