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Come Play With Us!

Think you can handle it? Then you should apply for the role of HIRO SOHMA at FURUBA-RAMA. ^_^

Furuba-Rama is a popular Role-Play forum with over 800 members. While a large part of the forum is dedicated to role-play, Furuba-Rama also has games, a large chat area where members can talk about anything and everything, a place where you can seek advice from the always ready and willing Mabudachi Trio, a fanworks section for members to show off their writing, artwork talents, and more! The role-play itself is incredibly active, and is comprised of dedicated writers who plan the development and the storyline for their characters collaboratively. Even if role-playing does not interest you, the Forum is always alive with members as well as elaborative discussion.

Hiro, an important character to the Furuba realm, is looking for a good home! If you love the hitsujidoshi, have a sharp tongue and tend to throw fits of jealously about people spending time with those you like, then please apply by clicking here.

You will have to join the forum to submit an application. Joining is stress free and takes very little time (and there are no strings attached, promise)! ^_^ To join, register here.

Questions? Then feel free to comment, and I'll respond ASAP. ^^

Other characters we're looking for at the moment:
Shigure Sohma
Kagura Sohma
Ren Sohma
Kakeru Manabe

And More!

Thank you so much!!
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