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chapter 126 summary

hello, all! *waves* i'm new... so, yeah.

anyways, i put together a summary of chapter 126. here's the summary!

mmkay. after getting yelled down by hana and uo in chapter 124, kyo goes to his father's house on the sohma main estate, remembering what hana had said about taking care of "somthing else" before going to see tohru. he starts to feel sick before he enters. he goes inside, and the maid interrupts kyo's father, letting him know that kyo is in the doorway. his father immedeatly gets pissed off, first yelling at the maid (asking who gave permission for him to get in). then he turns his attention to kyo.

kyo's father starts yelling at kyo, asking why he came here, and what right he has to enter his father's home. kyo remarks that he should be at work rather than at home, and his father immediatley denies it, saying he was home sick. then he begins his usual tirade about how it was kyo's fault that his mother died. but unlike before, kyo eventually admits that the death of his mother was his fault.

his father quickly asks the maid if he had heard correctly (that kyo admitted to "killing" his mother). then he tells the maid to contact the main house to get kyo put into the neko room (the cat's room) at once. he says that because he had taken responisbility for killing somone, he deserved to never go out of that room ever again.

kyo tells his father that he wasn't going to the cat's room, and that the only reason he had come to the house was to tell him that. he tells him that he had found someone he wanted to be with (someone=tohru)from now on. his father says that it is completely unacceptable for someone like him to live like a normal person. he says he won't allow it.

then, kyo remembers a faint memory of his mother and someone telling someone else to disappear. he remembers his father telling the two of them to disappear. kyo asks if his father had said things like that to his mother. his father get's pissed and grabs kyo by the collar of his shirt. he begins yelling that it (the death of kyo's mother) wasn't his fault. kyo remembers yelling the same thing when he was a child. kyo wonders wether his mother had to take on the difficulties of raising him alone. he says (in his head) that he wanted his mother to live; but that it was to late. he pushes his father away and tells him that he wants to try (to live like a normal person).

his father reaches out to grab him, but kyo grabs his father's arm first. panicking, his father yells for help, saying that kyo was going to kill him.


back at the main house, a maid (the old, evil-looking one)asks if she wanted somone sent to kyo's father's house. akito says no; and that she would go instead. she says that she needs to tell his father somthing. kyo's free(!!!!). the neko room will be torn down soon. the maid asks akii if she's serious, she says she is. the mean old lady maid says that she liked the way akii was before better. akii responds that if that was the way that she (the maid) should stay "there" and leaves.


back at the main house, kyo says that he'll come again, with his father shouting after him that he will never forgive him for what he has done.


hiro and kisa are walking down the street, appernley on their way back from school. kisa tells hiro no one will hate him now that he has been released. she says that she is happy that he told her first. kisa asks hiro if it bothers him to have one of the cursed ones with him. before he can answer, they are inturrupted by the sound of somone throwing up nearby. it's kyo (maybe he really was feeling sick...).

hiro turns red and starts asking him what he's doing throwing up in the middle of the park, while kyo responds in somewhat of a daze that "the stress has gone." hiro says that he's not making sense. he also make note of the large amount of vomit (although takaya-sensei never actually shows the throw-up :D). kisa offers kyo her hanky, and when kyo reaches to take it he breifly halucinates tohru in place of kisa. hiro offers to help clean up. kyo says that he'll do it himself, but hiro bluntly responds that the sight of it deeply bothers him.

kyo (thinking) says that he wants to see tohru, because when he does he'll be a different person than who he once was. the last image is tohru staring out the grate of the hospital fence? or somthing.



and i apologize over and over for the link *shames herself* bad girl.
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